Braided Paths - a Split LP with Novemthree




"Braided Paths" is our most recent offering, containing 4 tracks of pure nature-worship Galician Folk Music, it is a split LP with Novemthree, to be Released on vinyl in march 2014 by Avant! records, SMGS Records, Boue records and Música Máxica.

"SANGRE DE MUERDAGO is an expression of gratitude; a healing experience. It’s the sound of a band with dirt under their fingernails, mud between their toes, fallen leaves tangled in their rainsoaked hair, both a lamentation and defiant celebration of the experience of life in a time of ruin and contraction. It’s a secret whispered between lovers huddled around a fire, a solitary walk through abandoned fields overrun with gnarled apple trees and deer-bed depressions in the grass, the smell of a cedar swamp, a myth spoken in the trills of winter wrens flitting between verdant ferns and rotten logs." -Worm Gear Webzine


released March 8, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered in summer 2013 at Picturesound Studios by Alex Mahn.





Sangre de Muerdago stands on the wild side, on top of the cliffs, at the depths of the woods.... Galician Folk songs to heal and roam, to dance and love.

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Track Name: Sangre de Muerdago - 01 - A Xustiza pola Man
A Xustiza pola Man

Aqués que ten fama d'honrados na vila
roubáronme tanta brancura que eu tiña;
nin pedra deixaron en dond'eu vivira.
Sin lar, sin abrigo, morei nas curtiñas.
Ó raso coas lebres durmín nas campías;
Meus fillos! Meus anxos! Que tant'eu queria,
Morreron! Morreron coa fame que tiñan!
Fixeronm'un leito de toxos e silvas.
Salvademe, ouh, xueces! Berrei... Toleria!
De min se mofaron, vendeum'a xustiza.
Estonces, cal loba doente ou ferida,
dun salto con rabia pillei a fouciña,
rondei paseniño, ne'as herbas sentian,
i a lúa escondiase, i a fera durmia.
Mireinos con calma, i as mans estendidas,
dun golpe, dun soio! Deixeinos sen vida.
I estonces, estonces compreuse a xustiza:
eu, neles; i as leises, na man qu'os ferira.

The Justice in my Hand

Those who are known to be honest in my village
robbed me everything i've ever had;
not even a stone they left where once my home stood.
Without home, without warm clothes i lived on the hay.
On the the ground with the hares i slept in the fields;
My sons! My angels! That i loved so much,
they died! They died, so hungry they were!
The made me a bed of thorn and gorse.
Help me, oh judges! I screamed... madness!
They mocked me, the justice sold me out.
And then, like a suffering wolf, like a hurted wolf,
i jumped and grabbed the sickle,
i crawled silently, not even the grass could feel me,
the moon was hiding and the beast was sleeping.
I looked calmly at them with open hands,
and with one strike, just one, i took their lives.
And then, and then justice was made:
me on them, and the laws in the striking hand.
Track Name: Sangre de Muerdago - 03 - Unha Ofrenta de Ósos
Unha Ofrenta de Ósos

Os misterios que se agochan nos teus bosques,
na beira dos teus regatos,
na corteza das túas árbores, no solpor.
As historias dos carballos e os raposos,
e as túas peles enrugadas,
mais rezumas humildade,sen descanso.
Estragada, abusada e castigada,
polas xentes que acolliches,
esgotaron as túas forzas, teu amor.
Compañeira de aturuxos afogados,
de granito e de madeira,
que iluminas os meus pasos coa túa maxia.
Miña amiga, esvaneceste entre fumes,
xa cavaron a túa tumba,
rodeada de eucaliptos e petróleo.
Cando morra, eu ofrézoche os meus ósos,
que alimenten a túa terra,
para que dela broten novos bidueiros.

An Offering of Bones

The mysteries that hide in your forests,
on the banks of your streams,
on the bark of your trees, on your dusk.
The stories of the foxes and the oaks,
and your wrinkled skin,
you so humble and restless.
Broken, abused and punished
by the people you host,
they exhausted your strenght, your love.
You my partner of suffocated screams,
made of granit and wood,
you light my steps with your magic.
My friend, you are fading out amongst the smokes,
they've digged your grave already,
surrounded by petrol and eucaliptus.
When i die, i offer you my bones,
so they'll nourish your soil,
and new birch trees will grow.